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Gold Accents are in Style and Here to Stay

7 ways you can include gold accents in your home

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Gold tones in interiors have become increasingly popular in Australian homes. When used right, it will bring warmth and elegance to the home. If used excessively, it will make a home feel tacky.

Gold accents have an inviting appeal. The possibilities for inclusion are endless.

Gold hooks in a bathroom to hold towels.
A vase on your entry table.
A desk lamp in your home office.
A framed mirror leaning against your wall.
Your kitchen mixer tap
Artwork frames.

“Have you got the love of gold tones in your home?”

ways to use gold accents in your home with she's got style interior design brisbane

Is it a trend here to stay?

Yes! The use of metals in home furniture, soft furnishings as well as finishes, such as tapware, continues to make an impression.

For centuries gold tones have been used in architecture and the design of interiors. Think Roman Empire thrones, mirror frames and chests during the Rococo period and chandeliers and candle sticks from the Victorian period.

If you’re unsure if this design style is for you, do your due diligence. Browse photos looking for inspiration. See if you gravitate towards the mood conveyed in home designs that include the use of metal accents. Gold, silver or perhaps black. If it’s not gold accents, then you might like the minimalism and sharpness of black metals. Or how contemporary silver metals, such as brushed nickel and chrome, suit cooler colour palettes.


Gold Accents, The Jewellery of the Home.

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I personally find gold accents to be the jewellery of the home. This design choice can dress up a room, like a gold necklace can dress up an outfit. Gold accents in interior design can turn a monotonous space into something extremely beautiful. Its inclusion can communicate an array of visual messages, including warmth, sophistication, luxury, and glamour, and can be considered for an array of interior design styles, including:

Art Deco
Coastal Glam
Hollywood Glam

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8 ways you can incorporate Gold as an Accent Colour in your Home’s Interior


gold bathroom interior design examples of gold mirror with she's got style interior designer brisbane


In this eclectic bathroom design gold is conveyed with the use of brushed brass, wall-mounted tapware and framed mirror. We are seeing more and more clients wanting ‘gold’ tapware in their home. Some love this look but question if it’s a trend which will date. My answer to them, No! Gold tapware isn’t going anywhere. Tip – Ensure you purchase from a supplier who offers a good Finish Warranty, such as ABI Interiors.


interior design gold accent examples cosmo side table with she's got style interior design brisbane

Side Tables

Side tables tick the functionality box. But gold tone side tables provide a great opportunity to add a designer touch to any space. They can be used as a nightstand in a bedroom, an end table in the living room or an accent table in the office, dining room or bathroom. I have my eye on the Cosmo Side Table – Antique Brass, from West Elm.


interior decorator bondi weave framed mirror gold with she's got style interior design brisbane

Mirror Frames

Gold style framed mirrors, such as this Bondi Wave mirror from Creative Frames & Mirrors, enhances a feeling of intimacy. Especially placed above a bathroom vanity.


interior designer brisbane vicky yao faux flowers from she's got style interior design brisbane

Vases & Pots

Flower holders and pots are attractive pieces inside a house. Whether it be a dining table centrepiece, vases positioned on an entry table or perhaps a potted plant in the corner of a room, gold pots and vases are alluring and capture your attention. Look how sophisticated and glamourous this faux flower arrangement is from Vicky Yao. Greenery and gold go well together!


interior designer aria brass knob with she's got style interior design brisbane

Cabinetry Handles

Is it time for a kitchen makeover? Gold cabinetry handles suit several styles of kitchen designs. Gold tones look great with both black and white finishes. Black and gold together sings an art deco tune; moody and sophisticated. White cabinetry with gold accents sings coastal glam or Scandinavian design.

Gold handles, or knobs, will add style and flair to your kitchen. Their inclusion allows you to play it safe on the larger scale finishes, such as the colour of your cabinetry panels. Team with a gold mixer tap for a consistent look.

The Aria Brass Knobs from Passio Interiors pictured above are striking and unique. They look fantastic but also function well.


interior design lighting options orion 14 light pendant brass used by she's got style interior design brisbane

Chandeliers / Pendants

Chandeliers and pendant lights have an opportunity of becoming a room’s statement piece. You can’t deny their decorative presence. You can make a grand statement in the main entry or stick to the traditional placement above the dining table. You could also consider offsetting the sleek lines of a kitchen with a sculptural pendant. The glamour and sheer exuberance of a gold chandelier can transform a space. But there are less opulent options available to suit a more modern design style, such as the Orion 14 Light Pendant pictured above from Beacon Lighting.


interior decorator blush and gold wall art used by she's got style interior design brisbane


Introduce a sense of adventure with rich wall art in your home or office. The sensual gold colour teams beautifully with warm neutrals. Do you like the pictured Peach and Gold Abstract Wall Art? It comes in a set of 2 and various sizes from Gioia Wall Art.


interior decorator clasp wall clock used by she's got style interior design brisbane


Gold is rich, inviting and timeless. Just like a gold watch, you can smarten up your home appearance with a gold wall clock. This Clasp Gold Wall Clock from The Décor House is unique and perfect for an art deco or contemporary home.


Gold is also one of our national colours. Gold conjures images of Australia’s beaches, mineral wealth and grain harvests.

The use of gold as an accent in your home’s colour palette will bring comfort, warmth, and style. With so many ways to incorporate this accent colour, you can be inventive and rewrite design rules, layering and being unapologetically individual.

If you’d like help determining how you can include gold accents in your Brisbane home design, reach out and say Hi. We’ll find creative and effective ways to deliver you a beautiful interior to suit your home and lifestyle.

Until next time!

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