I’m the ‘She’ from She’s Got Style Interior Design.

Let’s get to know each other.

A few personal things about me:

Mum to 3 children. Boy. Boy. Girl. 1 special needs child.

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French Martini Lover
shes got style interior design brisbane brand mark

Serial Online Shopper
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Hard cover books…always!
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Family holidays full of adventure and laughter
shes got style interior design brisbane brand mark

Morning cuddles and weekend sleep ins.

I also love a clean house, fresh flowers, and new bed linen.

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I’m also a stylish and savvy Interior Designer residing in Brisbane.

With a background in marketing and graphic design, I’ve always been a creative soul. I’m all about colours, shapes, patterns, and textures.

How I started

I began my career as an Interior Designer after realising how much I enjoyed working alongside my builder-husband with his home renovations business.

I would visit at the end of the renovation, wanting to style the room. I enjoyed shopping for the space and client; looking for just the right things and leaving the items as a gift was delightful.

The journey

I began supporting him further by presenting clients with initial design concepts, product shopping and giving my opinion regarding colour palettes and layout.

I would give clients the confidence to make choices that suit them, their home, and their lifestyle.

After seeing the happiness a well-designed, fresh space brings to a family, I realised that interior design was my future.

The qualifications

I set out to obtain formal qualifications with a Diploma of Interior Design. Studying with three children and working full time…what a mammoth exercise! I was immersed in the learning journey and took in every bit of information like a sponge to water.

This is a milestone I’m incredibly proud of achieving.

I am incredibly blessed to have been able to learn alongside my builder-husband, as the building knowledge he has given me has been paramount to my success as a designer.

shes got style interior design brisbane brand mark

Interior design acknowledges that beauty is an essential part of daily life.

I love working with clients to enhance their homes, creating a home they love to live in. A home which functions well and suits their lifestyle, but more importantly..

A home where…

❖  Happy memories are made.
❖  You feel inspired and relaxed.
❖  Heartening connections are fostered.
❖  Rejuvenation and refuelling occur.
❖  Growth takes place.
❖  You can truly be yourself.
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I provide designs for clients building a new home, renovation projects and home re-decorating.

No two homes are ever the same. Nor the persons who reside in those homes. She’s Got Style Interior Design offers a personalised interior design service that considers you and your family’s needs.

Not so much concerned with design trends and fads but more about creating modern, functional, and stylish spaces for my clients, which will foster a life you’ll treasure now, and in the future.

I understand that a home is an extension of ourselves. I will help you on your journey of designing your home and discovering your design style. Style is a personal preference.

I will help you be faithful to your own taste, often identifying what those tastes are. If you love it, it will never go out of style.

I will explore how you use your home and how you’d like to use your home better, allowing me to tailor your home design.

I’m committed to design excellence and bringing a smile to your face. I bring the laughs and confidence, so you don’t feel stressed.

I hope that helps you get to know me better.


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